Twelve Apostles, Otway Coast

Visited the Otway Ranges, southern Victoria, today. First time that I have been down that way in 30 plus years. And got to see the famed Twelve Apostles for the first time ever. Lots and lots and lots of tourists!

Looking west along the Otway coast…

Orion in the night sky… II

We stayed at Trawool in central Victoria last night and had the opportunity to view a clear sky without light pollution.

This is the result. Orion is the constellation (compare Ballarat image taken a while ago) and the Orion Nebula is clearly visible. Not a Hubble photo to be sure, but not too bad!

Apparently the nebula, known as Messier 42, and visible to the naked eye, was believed to be the cosmic fire of creation by the Maya.

According to Nasa, the nebula is an enormous cloud of dust and gas where vast numbers of new stars are being forged.

When you click on the image below, it may take a little while to load as it is quite a big file. Once loaded, you should be able to click again to zoom in.

Photo taken with Canon 5DS R, Yongnuo 52mm f1.8 lens. Exposure time 4 seconds at ISO 1000. Four images processed through Sequator.

Mineral Photography – Creating a photo with a graduated background

I have created a short series of videos on how to end up with a photo with a graduated background. Each one is best viewed directly in Youtube, and full screen…

The first one takes you through the basics of stacking using Zerene Stacker.

The second one takes you through one simple way of removing the unwanted background.

The third one takes you through one way of adding a graduated background.

The fourth and final one is just a bit of final tweaking, aka post-processing.

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Wulfenite and Mimetite, Rowley Mine, Arizona

A Wee Bit of Fool’s Gold…

A very close-up photo of pyrite crystals, also known as Fool’s Gold, in quartz, from the Ethiudna Mines, Mt Victor Plumbago Station, Olary Province, South Australia, Australia. Photo width is about 1.5mm.

Pyrite, The Ethiudna Mines, Mt Victor Plumbago Station, Olary Province, South Australia, Australia

Three Quarter Time…

Long shadows and late-afternoon sun. Looking out over Bellerive Beach, southern Tasmania. It was three quarter time in the nearby Blundstone Arena AFL match between North Melbourne and Greater Western Sydney. The Roos (North) had a very comprehensive win. Go Roos!

Click on the photo below for a larger version…

Late afternoon sun, Bellerive Beach, Tasmania